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Between the Walls

On his sailing trip, Leo the little wanderer arrives at a rocky bay and disembarks on a deserted pier. It belongs to two towns that are feuding furiously with one another.

The angry mayors won't allow the traveler inside their stone walls. But luckily for Leo, between the two towns lies a piece of land that nobody owns. It is just big enough for his neat little cabin and garden, where many flowers bloom and the beautiful sounds of his violin fill the air.

On warm nights, people climb onto the walls together to admire the view and listen to the music and the sea.

“Would it be better, after all, to tear down the walls that separate us?” the townsfolk begin to wonder.


Written by Tuula Pere

Illustrated by Andrea Alemanno

Published by Wickwick 2018:

  • ISBN 978-952-325-405-3 (Print)

Second Edition 2018:

  • ISBN 978-952-7107-09-6 (Hardcover)
  • ISBN 978-952-5878-85-1 (Softcover)
  • ISBN 978-952-325-905-8 (ePub)

40 pages (33 numbered pages)



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15 April 2023