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Wickwick Books (https://books.wickwick.fi) website contains information about all Wickwick Books in English.


In the categories, it has also some books published only in Finnish - poems and aphorisms for children and short stories for adults. 

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Children's Books from the Heart

by Ph.D. in Law, Award-Winning
Children's Author Tuula Pere

New Books 2023

A Butterfly's Song

A lonely butterfly, Pupa, tries to learn to sing. When her efforts are futile, the night wind feels sorry for her and wants to help. Can the butterfly ever sing beautiful melodies?


The Fox's Tower

The ambitious Francis the Fox is yet again reaching for the stars. His plan to build a tall tower isn’t enough—now he wants to construct the tallest building in the city. When Francis starts adding extra floors, will the building collapse?


Mother's Bread Dough

During wartime Leo and his mother suddenly have to flee their home. Using Mother’s miraculous sourdough starter, they bake new loaves of bread whenever they get the chance. A loaf of bread baked with love, and shared with joy, saves many people and warms hearts—even years later.


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Our story

“One person has a limited capacity to influence the life around. Every individual trying to do something good in this world surely finds a particular way for it. Writing children’s books is
my remedy.”


“I trust that any work done for the right reasons and with a warm heart makes a difference. For me the best motivation is to hear from the young readers – and their parents and teachers, doctors, nurses and other helpers – about the influences that good stories have.”


“This might sound naive, but I have always believed that kind words are powerful. To me a good book is something that gives the reader– small or big – a warm hug and encourages overcoming difficult times. It builds bridges between people and emphasizes existing similarities instead of differences.”


Tuula Pere
Ph.D. in Law, Author


Illustration by Andrea Alemanno,
Between the Walls, Wickwick 2018

Kuusiniementie 21 D

FI-00340 Helsinki


+358 40 767 5100

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